Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston Wipes Away Regrets

Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston Wipes Away Regrets of So-Called Permanent Markings

Laser tattoo removal in Houston is the key to many residents’ answers when it comes to getting rid of words or images that are etched into the skin with ink. Although its a complicated process that takes time to complete, the majority of people who have chosen this route are grateful for the chance to put their experience with tattoos behind them. Blotting out this form of body modification can go a long way if you’re willing to consider all aspects of the procedure.

According to Tattoo Health, over 10 million Americans decide to get at least a single tattoo in their lifetime and approximately half of them eventually become sorry for getting them at all. It’s clear that some individuals don’t mind wearing extra clothing to cover the regrettable markings that show allegiance to a former lover of a relationship gone sour, or going through the agony of getting another image professionally tattooed over something designed by an amateur. However, many people are starting to prefer pursuing a medical procedure that’s clinically proven to be safe.

Laser tattoo removal is considered the most trusted cosmetic procedures for effective clearance of tattoos. The cost typically ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the tattoo and the intensity of the treatments. Medical professionals use highly concentrated laser beams to dissolve ink particles that automatically fall off with the rest of the body’s dead skin cells. One of the most recent developments in laser procedures is the use of Q-switched lasers which are less likely to leave any trace of scarring.

Before laser tattoo removal, there were various kinds of techniques that eliminated the appearance of permanent markings, but none of them were proven to be as safe or efficient. Many alternatives result in scarring or extreme discoloration. Several of them simply don’t work, causing individuals to other options.

The search for a better approach eventually led medical professionals to research improvements. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services states that tattoo removal by use of laser lights has been around for over two decades, as the procedure wasn’t officially marketed to the general public until the 1990’s. Today, it continues to thrive as the highest quality of medical service given to those who wish to erase their tattoos.

How It Works
Laser tattoo removal isn’t a procedure that can be completed overnight. Most individuals are required to come in for multiple sessions in order to fully eradicate tattoos. The number of treatments typically depends on the tattoo’s size and color, although the average number is between 6 and 12 periods. Visits are usually spaced four to eight weeks apart to account for healing and shedding of old skin.

The actual session generally takes only a few minutes to complete. Patients must wear protective eyewear as their doctor directs the laser beams into their skin. Most individuals compare the pulse to being hit with a rubber band or splattered by cooking oil, but it typically depends on each person’s tolerance for pain. Ice packs and an antibiotic oil is applied after the process to alleviate soreness and reduce swelling.

Best Candidates
Those with lighter skin and less complicated tattoos on the back, arms, and legs usually benefit the most from laser tattoo removal. Individuals with darker skin tend to have a greater chance of experiencing scarring and may require a higher number of treatments. People with tattoos that are closer to the bone, such as those with markings on their neck, ankles, and wrists, also have a more difficult time with this procedure.

What to Expect After the Laser Tattoo Removal
It’s important to keep the affected area dry after laser tattoo removal to prevent infection or severe fading of the skin. Most individuals place a protective bandage of the sensitive spot to avoid incidents that will disrupt the healing process.

For more information on the delicate process of laser tattoo removal in Houston, it’s essential to seek the expertise of knowledgeable sources, such as the American Laser Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. It’s up to you to do something about an unwanted tattoo. This technique is a worthy option, so what are you waiting for?

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