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Is it time for you to have laser tattoo removal?

laser tattoo removal
Whether it was a moment of adolescent rebellion or an act motivated by a life style choice, there may come a time when you regret the tattoo on your body. Perhaps that tattoo is prominent on your hand, neck or other area that makes it difficult to conceal.

As you get older, are considering advancement in your career, or perhaps just taking a different path in life, it may be time to consider having that tattoo removed.

Several systems exist to help with the removal of unwanted tattoos. These vary from highly touted but highly suspect creams to the very pricey Intense Pulsed Light therapy to the industry standard and consistently successful process of laser tattoo removal.

Is Laser tattoo removal the best option?

There was a time, of course, when tattoo removal wasn’t even a possibility. You got the tattoo, you kept the tattoo for the rest of your life. Of course, before laser tattoo removal there were other ways of removing tattoos. The old ways were to attempt to remove it by derma abrasion – which meant “sanding” your skin until the tattoo disappeared. Equally as uncomfortable was to excise the tattoo – cut away the skin and then sew the gap closed.

Even cryosurgery – much like used to remove an unwanted wart from you hand or foot – has been attempted. Each had it’s difficulties, the primary one being the damage to the skin and the high level of pain involved.

So what is laser tattoo removal?

The development of laser tattoo removal has made a dramatic change in the tattoo removal business. While not painless – some liken it to being snapped with a rubber band, others say it feels like being spattered with hot grease – modern laser tattoo removal offers a less dangerous alternative for removing unwanted tattoos.
How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal employs laser light to break down the ink pigments that have been implanted deep into your skin by the tattoo needle. The laser light uses specifically adjusted wavelengths of light to interact with the pigment and not the skin above or around the tattoo ink.

As the pigment is broken down into smaller pieces your body’s immune system can then remove the ink as it would remove any other toxins in your system. Different colors of ink pigment require different wavelengths of laser light.

Is laser tattoo removal a long process?

The visit for laser tattoo removal will be a short visit. A treatment with the laser only takes a few minutes. Unfortunately it is not the only visit you will have to make.

The time it takes to remove a tattoo with a laser depends on the colors and size of the tattoo. Black ink pigments appear to be the easiest pigment to remove because they absorb a broader range of light wavelengths. Other colors require other wavelengths.

As the laser breaks down the ink pigments your body needs time to remove them. It’s normal to have appointments three weeks apart. Obviously, the larger the tattoo the more visits you will be required to make.

Should I have laser tattoo removal?

Only you can answer that question. However, if having a tattoo is effecting your life by limiting job advancement, linking you to a past you no longer wish to be a part of, or just raising embarrassing questions with family and friends, laser tattoo removal may be something you wish to consider.Our office is modern and convenient.  Professional healthcare setting serving the Houston area, Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, Pasadena, Pearland, Woodlands, Spring, Alvin, Manvel, Galveston, Rosenburg, Sianna Plantation.