Amazing Results From Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal: Tips for Amazing Results

Many people with unwanted ink consider laser tattoo removal every day, and the effectiveness of the process remains a primary concern for anyone considering the procedure. There are several methods for tattoo removal and thousands of options for laser treatment, but finding a way to achieve great results doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you know what to look for. In order to experience amazing results from laser tattoo removal, consider the following tips:

Do Your Research Prior to Laser Tattoo Removal

Like with any procedure, a certain amount of research is required beforehand. One of the most important tips for great tattoo removal results is finding a certified laser specialist who is experienced and qualified to operate the equipment. Visiting a quality, well-reviewed establishment with a professional staff is extremely important, as visiting an inexperienced tattoo removal specialist will decrease the likelihood of full tattoo removal and could even result in scarring.

When deciding on the best place to go, it’s a good idea to look for tattoo removal practices with the best laser technology. Many tattoo removal clinics have outdated lasers that aren’t as effective and could ultimately cost you more treatments. Top of the market lasers, such as the Astanza Trinity are significantly better at removing all tattoo colors.

Have a Consultation Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Many factors will dictate the quality of the end result, so it’s important to have a consultation with a certified laser specialist before beginning your treatment. The total number of treatments is based on a wide range of factors including skin tone, tattoo color, ink depth, and age. A tattoo can be more difficult to remove on darker skin tones and may require additional treatments. Your laser specialist will also account for your skin tone during the consultation as well as study the colors in your tattoo to help determine the number of sessions required. Lighter colors are also more difficult to remove than darker colors. Black is typically the easiest ink color to remove, while green and blue usually require more treatments.

The depth of the ink will also influence success. Naturally, the deeper the ink is under the skin, the harder it will be to remove. Newer tattoos are also more difficult, as the ink is generally thicker beneath the skin.

Proper Aftercare Following Laser Tattoo Removal

Taking care of the area immediately following your removal session is essential for achieving great results. It’s very important to keep the area clean with warm soap and water. Apply a cool compress to reduce swelling and irritation. Ask your certified laser specialist for antibiotic ointment recommendations.
After a couple days, a scab will begin to form and it’s important not to pick at it. The site will continue to be sensitive a few months afterwards, and exposure to the sun can delay the healing process. Taking proper care of the tattoo site will help to speed up healing, and the sooner the area heals, the sooner you’ll be able to receive your next treatment.

Your immune system is responsible for flushing away ink after the laser breaks it into small particles, so maintaining good health can also help you achieve the best results. Some studies suggest that smokers experience poorer results than non-smokers.

Following these tips will increase the chances of great results. Do you have any tips of your own to help others achieve great laser tattoo removal results?

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