Multi Color Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston – How To Regain Beautifully Clear Skin

laser tattoo removal houstonLaser tattoo removal in Houston is the perfect way to regain beautifully clear skin. While there are a lot of processes on the market that purport to remove tattoos, laser tattoo removal is the only process that can eliminate tattoos completely.

Whether tattoos are full color, black and white, or a combination of the two, Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal is the go-to tattoo removal specialist. Certified Laser Specialists are trained in all aspects of safe and effective tattoo removal, and with a free consultation to discuss your tattoo removal needs, you’ve got nothing to lose except that unwanted ink!

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Top Technology, Top Results

For many years, tattoos were seen as a permanent fixture of the skin, but with the advancement of technology, removal methods are now more user-friendly, and the results nothing short of amazing. Past removal methods have sometimes looked (and felt!) like something from the dark ages:

  • excising the inked skin via surgery (often requiring skin-grafts to cover scarring);

  • dermabrasion (where the tattoo is ‘sanded’ away);

  • chemical removal (where the ink is burned from the skin).

Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal employs the latest technology to ensure effective ink removal with minimal pain. The Astanza Trinity Laser uses two lasers and three different wavelengths to tackle tattoos of all sizes and color. The laser works by breaking down the ink pigmentation with minimal disruption of skin tone. With top-of-the-line technology, beautifully clear skin is achievable for everyone, no matter the size or color.

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Color No Barrier

It’s pure myth that colored tattoos are impossible to remove in their entirety. While some colors respond in a more timely manner than others (such as blue and black), lighter colors such as yellow, green, orange and red are no barrier in laser tattoo removal.

A black and grey tattoo (depending on size), will generally require less sessions to effect complete removal than that of a full-color tattoo, but the end result is the same: ink-free skin! The contrast of darker ink against the skin makes removal easier, whereas lighter colors require specific wavelengths to break-down the ink. In the hands of a Certified Laser Specialist, colored tattoos are no barrier to regain clear skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Tonal Issues

Tattoo color isn’t the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration when removing a tattoo. It is vitally important to understand skin-tone during the tattoo removal process. Those with darker skin-tones usually require more sessions to ensure minimal disruption to skin-tone, especially when lighter ink has been used.

Certified Laser Specialists will work with skin tone to ensure there’s no hypopigmentation (excessive fading), and that there’s no disruption to the skin pigmentation. In the hands of qualified laser tattoo removal technicians, skin-tone and color can be maintained.

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Size and Location Matters

When it comes to the amount of sessions required to completely and effectively remove a tattoo—be it black and grey, or color—tattoo size and location play a vital role in this determination. The larger a tattoo, the more sessions required. Tattoo size is calculated as follows:

  • small: completely covered by one hand;

  • medium: covered by two hands;

  • large: extends past two hands.

The location of the tattoo(s), also comes into play with regard to the amount of required sessions. Tattoos located in the following areas tend to need more treatments to effect removal as there is very little or no insulating fat:

  • hands and feet;

  • elbows and knees;

  • back.

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Does It Hurt?

This is one of the first questions asked when it comes to laser tattoo removal. The easy answer is: yes, there is some pain associated with tattoo removal, but if differs from person to person, and is dependent on many factors:

  • individual pain threshold;

  • size and location of tattoo;

  • determination.

Think back to when you sat in the tattooists chair getting inked – how painful was that? Laser tattoo removal is nowhere near as painful as getting the tattoo. Some have likened the process to being flicked with a rubber band, or to being pinched. But if you’re still worried, here are 5 things that hurt more!

So when it comes to laser tattoo removal in Houston, see the specialists in the field: Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal!

What further information on laser tattoo removal would you require to make that final decision to return to the beautiful clear skin you so want?

Laser tattoo removal in Houston: Sugar Land specialists in complete and effective tattoo removal use the latest technology to regain clear skin.

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