Laser Tattoo Removal with Nd-Yag Laser

Many people today have tattoos on various parts of their bodies, this tattoos have different meanings. There comes a time when you the tattoo holder feel that you are no longer interested or you don’t need the tattoo anymore so you will definitely look for a way to get rid of it.

Many of you will go for different methods depending on the size and color of your tattoo. There is a common tattoo called the laser tattoo, this tattoo is always a hard tattoo to erase from your body the method used to remove laser tattoos is by undergoing a treatment therapy or eve sugary.

This method is a very complicated process of removing a tattoo. Laser was used long time ago and since then it is a still a strong method. If you want to remove your tattoo today the most commonly used method used in erasing tattoos is the laser treatment.

houston tattoo removal picsThere are several types of lasers this mainly according to the color of your skin and also the color of the tattoo ,the commonly used is the ND-YAG this is a particular one for removing black, blue, Red and orange tattoos.

How the ND-YAG works: the ND-YAG mainly uses highly concentrated color light, this light is directed to the tattoo and because the light carries a lot of energy it separates the ink of the tattoo in to many segments.

The next important step after you have undergone the first proses is the medical session this step is not not different from the first, what you do here is that you will do the first step repeatedly to make sure that the used ink is erased completely. The number of times you are going to repeat the presses is determined by the amount of ink on your skin, if your tattoo is deeply colored then you will have to repeat it severally.

The time it will take to remove the tattoo depends on the size of your tattoo, if you have a small tattoo it will take the least time to remove but bigger tattoos take longer time. For the big tattoos the treatment is done once in a week and it takes a range or 28-56 days.

It is a mast that you get tested before you remove the tattoo it is the first stage. This test is very important because it shows the response of your skin to the ND-YAG laser and after that it will help in knowing the appropriate amount of energy to use on your skin.

The last process: After you have under gone all this presses you should put ice on the tattoo this will reduce swelling, after that wait for a period of 30 min then apply pain killers this will prevent infections after cover using a sterile material. Keep the skin dry.

You should not be afraid because you will not lose any blood during the proses. The ND-YAG target only your tattoo and will not damage your skin, however due to the penetration, and the heat produced you will fill pain and get blisters.

You should also understand that ND-YAG has side effect. You can gain excessive color or lose your normal color after the proses, you can also get scars.

Remember it is not mast that this presses will completely areas your tattoo this is because some tattoos are very hard to remove. You mast visit a professional to advice you on the right way to remove your tattoo.

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