Laser Tattoo Removal in Southwest Houston

Looking for experienced and effective Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston? Then look no further than Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal. Gone are the days of “choose wisely, tattoos are for life”, or spending more cash to cover an unwanted or out-dated tattoo with more ink; advances in laser technology means a return to clear skin is not only possible, it’s well within your budget, too.

When considering laser tattoo removal, there are some important factors you need to take into account in regard to the process and to ensure a positive outcome.

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Color & Tone
Tattoo color and skin tone greatly influence the amount of sessions needed to effectively remove a tattoo. The darker colors of blue and black are far easier to remove than lighter colors such as orange, yellow, green and red. Full color tattoos will effectively require more sessions than a black and gray tattoo.
Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal understands the importance of maintaining skin pigmentation during the tattoo removal process. Certified laser specialists will take into account your skin tone to ensure minimal disruption to your skin tone. Clients with a darker skin tone generally require more treatments to maintain skin tone, more so where lighter ink is used.
Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Quality Makes A Difference
Tattoo quality is another factor to consider with laser removal. Tattoos that have been inked by more experienced tattoo artists have a greater ink-depth than tattoos inked by novice artists. As such, the greater the tattoo quality, more treatment sessions may be required to effect a positive outcome. This doesn’t, however, mean that tattoos of lesser quality require fewer treatment sessions. If you’ve been inked by someone with less experience, the tattoo-depth may be inconsistent, which would require more treatments.

The best thing to do is to take Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal up on their offer of a free consultation. Our certified laser specialists can take into account all the prevailing factors to give you an idea of the amount of treatments required to remove your unwanted or out-dated tattoo.

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Win-Win Technology

There are many different processes available to remove tattoos, but the most effective process is laser removal. There are other options available:

  • surgical removal: the tattoo is incised and removed, requiring either stitching the skin together or skin grafts, which always leaves scar tissue
  • dermabrasion: the tattoo is ‘sanded’ off, causing damage and scarring to the skin
  • TCA: Guess what the ‘A’ stands for? Acid. Your tattoo is chemically burned from your skin, inducing scarring
  • tattoo removal creams: do not work

Laser is by far the most effective way to remove your tattoo and retain clear skin. Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal uses the Astanza Trinity Laser, which has two independent lasers with three different wavelengths to target the ink. The lasers fragment the ink then your immune system kicks in to rid your body of the ink. Laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove your out-dated and unwanted tattoos, and return your beautiful clear skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Aftercare Essentials
One of the most important facets of tattoo removal is aftercare. No half-measures can be taken here. Scabbing and blisters are a normal part of the tattoo removal procedure and healing process. The discomfort can be treated with cold compresses or antibiotic ointment, and maintaining the area remains sterile aids in the healing process. Also, the stronger your immune system, the better the area will heal.

Laser Tattoo Removal In Houston: Successful and Cost-Effective
Not only is laser treatment the most effective way to remove tattoos but with the advancement in technology, it won’t hurt your hip-pocket any where near like you think it does. Price is determined by a few different factors:

  • the amount of sessions required to effect complete removal
  • the size of the tattoo – the larger the tattoo, the more treatments required, which increases cost
  • tattoo placement – hands, feet, knees, elbow and back require more sessions as there is less insulating fat
  • quality and ink depth, plus skin tone

As a general guide, prices are as follows:

  • small tattoos: $125/session (small tattoo: completely covered by one hand)
  • medium tattoos: $200/session (medium tattoo: covered by two hands)
  • large tattoos: $350/session (large tattoos: exceeds two hands)

Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal also offers a 30% discount on multiple tattoo removals.

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