How Bad does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt

Laser Tattoo Removal: A Little Pain For Amazing Gain

Does laser tattoo removal hurt? This the first question asked when considering removal of an unwanted tattoo. It’s also a difficult question to answer as people have varying pain thresholds, so what might be painful for one person may only be mildly annoying to another. We can say getting inked hurts more.

Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal makes every endeavor to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the tattoo removal process. Our Certified Laser Specialists are highly trained in patient care and use state-of-the-art technology for the most effective removal of your tattoo with the least amount of pain.

Here are five answers to the most commonly asked questions:

    1. Is Laser Tattoo Removal Pain-Free?
      Let’s be honest, tattoo removal is not a pain-free process. Wavelengths of light penetrate the skin to fragment the ink, and these intense light-pulses give the feeling of being pinched or stung with a rubber band. Once the ink has separated, the body’s immune system kicks into action and removes it.Just remember, if you’ve sat through the pain of getting a tattoo, then laser removal is well within your pain threshold!
    2. Is Laser Tattoo Removal The Least Painful Option?
      There are a few different ways to have your unwanted tattoo removed. The most effective options, however, do involve some level of discomfort. There are many tattoo removal options available, and the more invasive the treatment (such as surgical excision) the more painful the process.Let’s take a look:Surgical excision: the tattoo is surgically removed and the wound is either stitched together, or requires skin grafts to minimize scarring – invasive and definitely painful!Dermabrasion: the tattoo and skin is literally “sanded” away with abrasives;TCA: the ‘A’ stands for acid. The tattoo is burned from your skin with an acidic chemical. This is similar to a chemical peel but the acid much penetrate deeper into the dermal layer. How Bad does Laser Tattoo Removal Houston, Sugar Land, Katy.

      There are “tattoo removal creams” on the market, but they cannot fully remove a tattoos. At the very most it may slightly fade your tattoo, but you won’t achieve the clear skin you will with laser technology. There creams often consist of high-risk ingredients, making laser treatment by far the most effective way to rid your skin of an unwanted or outgrown tattoo, and the best way to maintain skin tone.

    3. Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt Afterwards?
      There is no doubt that there are varying levels of discomfort following each session, and blistering and scabbing may occur with laser treatment, but this is to be expected. Your Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) will discuss with you, at length, what the tattoo removal process entails, so you are fully aware of what to expect and what you need to do regarding after-care. Vigilant after-care facilitates the healing process, and the better you heal the less it hurts. Cold compresses and antibiotic creams can ease discomfort and promotes that all important healing process.
    4. If Laser Tattoo Removal Hurts, Why Should I Choose It?
      Because laser technology is the most effective way to remove unwanted ink. Our Certified Laser Specialists use the Astanza Trinity Laser to target all parts of your tattoo. The machine has two separate lasers with three wavelengths that specifically target different colored ink. Darker colors respond to a different wavelength than brighter inks making laser technology the best option for effective tattoo removal. While there is a little pain involved, tattoo removal is all about the end result.And if you’re not quite sure what to expect, here are 5 things that hurt more.
    5. Will Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt My Hip Pocket?
      There are many factors that influence the cost of removing a tattoo: size, placement, color, quality. The option to remove a tattoo with laser-technology requires multiple sessions to completely break up all of the ink, but these costs are spread out as your skin requires at least four weeks to heal between sessions. Here are some other factors that can reduce cost:The smaller the tattoo, the less sessions you’ll require;the better tattoo quality, the more uniform the ink, the easier the ink is to target;darker inks respond better to laser treatment and may reduce your treatment sessions;a certified laser specialist to ensure expert results and fewer sessions;

      With laser tattoo removal, a little bit of pain for an amazing gain: the beautifully clear skin you’ve been wanting.

Want that ink gone but worried about the pain? What question do you need answered to help with your decision?

Does laser tattoo removal hurt? Get your answers laser tattoo removal consultation at Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal. Latest technology and certified staff.

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