Guaranteed Tattoo Removal Special! 10 Days Only We Are Offering Guaranteed Laser Tattoo Removal Packages! You only pay 1 time and get unlimited laser tattoo removal sessions until your tattoo is gone like it was never there! 

Special offer Starts Monday July 15 and Ends Monday July 27
extra small tattoo Guaranteed Removal  $149
Regular price $75 x 8 sessions = $600
extra small is 2” x 2” or smaller
Small tattoo Guaranteed Removal- $249
Regular price $125 x 8 sessions = $1,000
small is 4” x 4” or smaller
Medium tattoo Guaranteed Removal- $399
Regular price $200 x 8 sessions = $1,860    
medium is 6” x 6” or smaller
Large tattoo Guaranteed Removal- $549
Regular price $250 x 8 sessions = $2,000                 
large is 8” x 8” or smaller
XL tattoo Guaranteed Complete Removal- $699 
Regular price $325 x 8 sessions = $2,600     
Half Arm  or 12” x 12” or smaller
Guaranteed Complete Total Body Removal- $3,499  
Regular price $1,500 x 8 sessions = $12,000      
 complete body removal is every tattoo you have! 
Guaranteed Removal Packages are UNLIMITED SESSIONS UNTIL YOUR TATTOO IS 100% Gone 
Laser Tattoo Removal

 Why Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal is the Best

  • With the use of topical lidocaine and cryo cooling we can numb the skin to minimize discomfort, making tattoo removal easier then ever!
  • We use the Astanza Trinity Laser, it has  three different wavelengths of light (1064, 532, 694) and is designed to remove every color of tattoo completely!
  • The Astanza Trinity Laser is one of the only lasers that has a ruby laser built in, which is designed to remove blue and green tattoos
  • We have proven results, we have completely removed over 5,000 tattoos and have been serving the Houston area, Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, Pasadena, Pearland, Woodlands, Fort Bend County, Sianna Plantation, Spring, Alvin, Manvel, Missouri City, Galveston for 7 years
  • We offer guaranteed Complete Laser Tattoo Removal Packages, that way you know exactly how much it is going to cost to get your tattoo completely removed
  • We offer Free Consultations and extra discounts if you are removing multiple tattoos at one time!